25 Best VR Apps For iPhone

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone

There are many best VR apps for iPhone that can make your gaming experience incredible. iPhone is more fun to use with some best virtual reality apps. If you are not using iPhone for gaming, you are missing a lot of fun. Some scariest VR Apps for iPhone can take you into the scary world of virtual reality, where you can experience the horror in a unique way. iPhone has many amazing features but for gamers iPhone is incomplete without VR apps. But iPhone VR apps are not limited to gamers; many best iPhone VR apps for movies are also very popular in people. There are also many best iPhone VR apps for kids and adults that fulfill their educational purposes.

There are many cool free VR apps for iPhone that you can download on your iPhone to enjoy the world of virtual reality. We are going to tell you about the best VR apps that are compatible with all iPhone models and also ideal for android phones. If you are looking for best VR apps for iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 7 and iPhone 4, you really need to see our list of best VR apps for iPhone. If you are also looking for top VR apps for android phones, you don’t need to go anywhere because we have long list of best VR apps that are compatible with iPhone and android phones.

iPhone VR games are famous all over the world because of iPhone VR apps. The best VR apps for iPhone give users rich experience of HD virtual reality content. Virtual reality apps for iPhone enable you to see things that are almost close to reality. The technology of virtual reality is known for gaming but iPhone virtual reality apps are not limited to gaming. These iPhone compatible VR apps can do a lot of other interesting and unbelievable things. Let’s jump on the list of best VR apps for iPhone.

Best Virtual Reality Apps for iPhone and Android

Google Cardboard

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Goolge

Google Cardboard is no.1 best VR app for iPhone users. It is very simple to use and makes your virtual reality experience rich and clear. The Google Cardboard application is very helpful in setting up Google Cardboard headset. It makes it easier to use phone-based VR. Google Cardboard offers five different type VR views that you can choose according to your wish. Goolge Cardboard includes very unique features that are designed to blow your mind. Google Cardboard Explorer allows you to explore interesting virtual places. You can see virtual streets, museums and gardens. It also has Kaleidoscope. You can explore popular places in the world with Google Cardbaord. It gives you experience close to reality. If you are not using Google Cardboard, you are missing the fun. It is an incredible invention of human intelligence. If you are iPhone user, check out Google Cardboard, it will take you to the endless world of HD images and videos. This VR application is absolutely free. You can download this VR app on iTunes. This application is also available for android users. It is not limited to iOS devices and compatible with all iPhone and android models. Google Cardbaord is a fun VR app for iPhone users. You can do a lot of other interesting things with this virtual reality application.


25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© YouTube

Who is not familiar with YouTube the world’s biggest video sharing company that provides high quality entertainment, music and other informational content to millions of people. The main YouTube application can be turned into VR application. YouTube app has VR model that enables users to watch their favorite videos in 360-degree. You can enjoy HD 360-degree videos in full virtual reality mode by turning the VR mode on in YouTube official application. You can also see normal videos with this VR app. If you don’t like to watch videos in full VR mode, you can see those videos on your virtual screen. You also get to choose cool screen options. You can choose flat screen option and extra wide screen to see your YouTube videos clearly. It allows you to enjoy your favorite movie on YouTube Red in 360-degree. You can also watch your favorite vlogs on YouTube with clear HD results. It feels amazing to watch movies on YouTube without any other distraction in virtual reality mode. It is an incredible application for iPhone users and also for YouTube junkies. This virtual reality app is the best app for iPhone and it is also fee. All you have to do is to install this YouTube app on you iPhone device and have unlimited fun.

Liftoff VR

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© LiftOver VR

Liftoff VR is the best app for space enthusiasts. It is short but amazing free iPhone VR app created by Neel Murarka. If you are interested in watching SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket launch from Earth into space, this app is ideal for you. This incredible VR app allows you to move your head anywhere you want to clearly see everything. The best thing about this virtual reality app is the view of the sky. You can clearly see the view of sky with this virtual reality app. It makes the star visible to you not instantly but slowly. You also have to land your booster on a drone ship in Lifeoff VR. But make sure don’t crash the booster while doing that because mostly Liftoff VR users forget to protect their boosters. It is not simple to land the booster in the right direction but with practice you can do this perfectly. It is not technically the best gaming VR application for iPhone but it is fun to use. You get to see stars closely and also you can play with your own booster. This VR application is designed for iPhone and android users. It is a little virtual reality application compare to the other virtual applications but still it fulfills your curiosity with the help of virtual reality. It is also one of the most popular VR apps for iPhone cell phones. If you want to stalk the space and enjoy watching stars closely then this virtual reality application is ideal for you.

Virtual Reality Moon

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Virtual Reality Moon

This is one of the best virtual reality applications for iPhone users, who want to see the surface of moon clearly. VR Moon is free application created by Andrew Sasaki that takes you on the top of the Earth with the help of natural satellite. You can view the beautiful sights of the earth with this virtual reality application. You can get the decent view of stars and sun. This VR app also allows you to see the International Space Station. You can also enjoy a brisk stroll on the moon’s surface by pressing action button of your VR head set. This VR application gives you feeling of a racing game. It allows you to climb over bumps and moving here and there in order to make your way to the moon. This virtual reality application is designed for iPhone and android devices. You can download this VR app for free. This application is available on apple store. VR Moon is the most popular virtual reality application that brings a lot of joy and fun for iPhone users. Enjoying the view of moon by setting on your coach is the most amazing thing that you can do in your house. Virtual Reality Moon is best application for moon lovers and moon stalkers. VR Moon allows you to see the exact surface of the moon without any filter. You can capture the whole universe in your eyes with this small VR application.


25 Best VR Apps For iPhone

NYT VR makes your news reading experience richer than you thought. It is the best VR app for iPhone to listen and watch stories that has importance in your life. NYT is an incredible way to tell stories. NYT is not like a digital news publishing websites. NYT virtual reality app doesn’t have a lot of news stories and videos that mostly irritate you. NYT VR has high quality real life stories of real people. It gives you rich experience to feel the real stories with the help of virtual reality. NYT provides high quality content and has won many awards because of it. It doesn’t work like a typical news application that publishes a lot of stories to fill your phone with unnecessary notifications. NYT virtual reality application provides you videos and images of the most trending topics. If you like to see real life stories of people from all around the world and have interest in current affairs, military and politics. Then this VR app is for you. NYT takes you to the places, where you cannot afford to go or you may don’t want to go. But with the help of technology like virtual reality, you can visit those places from your home. NYT is great invention to tell important stories. But it is not like watching a news channel in VR. NYT VR application is absolutely free and available on apple app store.

Google Street View

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Google Street View

It is another best VR application for iPhone people. It is the best application for stalkers too. If you want to enjoy street views of other cities or even your own city, this application is ideal for you. Google Street View is marvelous virtual reality application that allows your eye balls to capture street views of different locations. In this application you can rotate your phone in landscape mode and turn on the cardboard Mode that enables you to see images in virtual reality. You can also zoom in and zoom out. Cardboard mode enables you to explore photos from any direction. With the help of your VR headset, you can explore the most exciting places in world in VR. It makes you feel like you are visiting real places. If you want to be lost in the world of virtual reality, this application is best for you. You can explore historical buildings and places of the world with this VR app. You really need to install this application in your iPhone because you cannot afford to miss the fun of exploring interesting places. It allows you to scroll in two dimensions. If you are planning to visit any place, use this application first to see the views of that place. It also helpful in learning directions of places that you want to visit in future. Google Street View is a free application. It is available on apple web store.

Discovery VR

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Discovery VR

Discovery VR is one of the best virtual reality applications for iPhone. It is the ideal application for people who want to see action in virtual reality. If you are fan of sharks and want to explore shark fights and other creatures of the sea, Discovery VR is right match for you. But this application is not limited to sharks. You can also see other high quality action-packed content on this VR app including, street dancing in the streets of Dublin, crazy videos of roller coasters and sword fights of Samurai. The interface of this VR app is very simple and user-friendly. It has nice collection of crazy and entertaining videos that you will like to watch again and again. You can also use this VR application without data connection or Wi-Fi because its offline mode allows you to stream videos with no or poor data connection. If you are in a place where signals are poor or connection is bad, all you need to do is turn on offline mode and enjoy crazy videos of shark fights and sword fights. Discovery VR is absolutely free and available on Apple app store. It is very distracting virtual reality application because of its rich entertainment content. You may have to suffer from Discovery VR addiction because it is extremely entertaining and amusing.


25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Within

Within is for mature iPhone users that are interested in documentaries and real life stories. It is not technically a fun unlimited VR application and it is also not suitable for all iPhone users. People who are interested in programs like, documentaries about Amazonians and survivals can use this VR app. Within has limited content but that doesn’t mean it is an average VR app for iPhone. It also gives you entertaining content in the form of films and documentaries. If you are fan of documentaries and want to watch them in VR mode, then this application is made for you. Recently Within released Dolphin Man and Tokyo Light Odyssey on the app. Both films have high quality entertaining content that you can watch and enjoy. Virtual reality applications like Within is mostly used by old and middle aged people. Young people mostly like VR gaming apps and musical apps. But when it comes to informational and general knowledge applications, apps like Within and Discovery VR are the best ones. You can enjoy 360-degree documentaries and educate yourself by experiencing different cultures and traditions with this VR app. Within is not very popular VR app for iPhone but it is the best source to watch high-quality and well-researched documentaries. Within app has documentaries that you cannot easily find in any other platform. Within is highly recommended to art lovers and people who have interest in documentaries.

In Mind 2 VR

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© In Mind 2 VR

It is an interesting VR application for iPhone. It is technically a gaming application that you can use for fun. But it is also very informative virtual reality application. The teenager John experiences different types of feelings in his brain. You can clearly see the development process of his emotions and feelings that happens in his brain. In short you can see the inside structure of his brain. Different chemicals in John’s brain control his overall mental behavior and mood. John is actually a dull boy and imagines a lot of stupid stuff that sometimes doesn’t make sense. He imagines things differently. You don’t get to control john’s mind completely but you can set inside John’s brain and also influence his decision. It is an incredible game for young adults and kids. Children mostly don’t have iPhone. Therefore, they are officially deprived from In Mind 2 VR. But kids that are allowed to use their parent’s iPhones, just for gaming purpose can enjoy this gaming and educational virtual reality application. In Mind 2 VR is for game lovers. If you want to test your mental abilities and also want to explore John’s deaf brain, install this application. It is absolutely free and available on Apple web store. In Mind 2 VR app is designed to test your intelligence. It makes your mind predictive and sharp.

Roller Coaster VR

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Roller Coaster VR

Roller Coaster VR app is not completely based on roller coaster. It is more than that, this best gaming VR app allows you to inter in the mysterious world of confusing spins and barriers. This VR is packed with fun and thrill. Roller Coaster VR allows you to experience fast virtual reality by providing you a fast track that takes you to unknown places. Those places are hard to capture and filled with swings. The tracks of Roller Coaster VR can make you dizzy because they move here and there very fast. It is an adventurous VR app that can below your mind with twists and swings. Apparently it looks like a game but technically it is just a free adventurous journey. It is designed to shock your senses. If you are fan of roller coasters then this app is made for you. But if you are not familiar with roller coaster then this VR app is little dangerous for you because it can make you shaky. This virtual reality application is full of fun and action. This is also one of the best VR apps for iPhone users. It is absolutely free and available on Apple web store. Ads can be little irritating that mostly pop up during your ride but if you want to get rid of ads, you can purchase premium version of this VR application. Roller Coaster virtual reality application is boredom killer and also helps to reactive your mind.

End Space VR

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© End Space VR

End Space VR is another amazing virtual reality application for iPhone and android users. It is created by Justin Wasilenko. In the VR app you get to experience incredible virtual environment. It allows you to control spaceship, which means you can do anything with your spaceship. The purpose of having spaceship is to destroy spaceships of enemies. Spaceships of enemies also have the same purpose. They also want to destroy you. It is an interesting but focused oriented VR gaming app. During the fight the power of your shields can be decreased. If you don’t fill up your shield, you can lose the fight quickly. End Space VR has high quality graphics that make gaming experience unbelievably amazing. Unfortunately this virtual reality application is not free. In order to install this VR app for your iPhone, you need to spend 99 cents. This VR space gaming application can polish your gaming skills and also good for your mind. End Space VR is ideal for gamers. If you have iPhone and you are also a passionate gamer then you need to install this application. This virtual reality game allows you to have fun in very unique virtual environment. It feels like you are lost in the space and battling with other spaceships to own the whole space. It makes you feel good and finishing other spaceships is also very fun thing to do. End Space VR has very pleasing sound that makes you happy and also gives you rich virtual reality gaming experience. This virtual reality application is also one of the best VR apps for iPhone.

Jaunt VR

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Jaunt VR

It is the best VR app for iPhone users and movie lovers. This VR app provides rich cinematic virtual reality experience. We all love to watch films but don’t have time to go to cinemas. What if you get virtual reality cinema in your home that allows you to watch ton of films in 360-degree, well only Jaunt VR can do this for you. Jaunt VR is the app that enables you to watch unlimited movies in 360-degree. This VR app is filled with movies, documentaries, music videos and other entertaining content. It is a perfect virtual reality app for movie junkies. This VR app gives you the virtual gallery of latest and evergreen movies. You can choose any movie you want according to your taste in Jaunt VR. You can enjoy actions movies, sports documentaries, terrific musical performances, and breathtaking Olympic videos with Jaunt VR. It is a perfect cinematic virtual reality application for iPhone users. Watching movies on iPhone X is not a bad deal. iPhone cell phones have very fast and clear video players, but there is a great difference between watching a movie in 300-degree with VR headset than watching a movie on cell phone. Jaunt VR app turns your iPhone into high quality cinema. For rich listening experience keep the volume little low because it is good for your ears. Jaunt VR is amazing invention of engineers that maybe wanted to make a Netflix type of experience in VR while making this VR application. This application is absolutely free and you can install it from iPhone app store.

VR Mojo Orbulus

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© VR Mojo Orbulus

This is the best iPhone app for travelers with empty pockets. If you want to visit amazing places of the world but your pocket doesn’t allow you to do so, then don’t worry because VR Mojo Orbulus allows you to see your favorite places in virtual reality. You can visit most interesting places in the world including, historical places of England, America and Italy. This VR app showcases clear photo spheres of interesting places and takes you to the virtual reality trip. You can join any event that excites you with the help of this VR app. For travel junkies this VR app is highly recommended. VR Mojo Orbulus is not limited to interesting and historical places. It also allows you to land on the surface of mars. You can also transform yourself into an object to see unbelievable views that are impossible to view in real life. For example VR Mojo Orbulus enables you to be tree and shows you how people look like under the tree. It is the best virtual reality application of today. It is not limited to sceneries and images and also gives you high quality VR content. It gives you the experience that is close to reality. VR Mojo Orbulus is best inventions of app developers. They really worked hard on the app to give you better and rich user-experience. This app is free and you can download it from Apple web store.

Zombie Shooter VR

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Zombie Shooter VR

Zombie Shooter VR takes you into the virtual world of zombies. This Zombie VR application is created by FIBRUM. It begins with the small ugly dank room and from there you just have to choose the weapon of your choice to compete with zombies. This VR app allows you to visit scary and ugly places, where you can hunt the zombies. Zombie Shooter VR app is filled with horror and difficult barriers that are designed to test your intelligence. The more you kill the more you achieve in this game, which means you have to kill a lot of zombies to win in the game. It is the best virtual reality gaming application that you can install on your iPhone device. It is also probably the scariest app available on the Apple store. The game has one simple rule and that is destroying the zombies at any cost. Don’t let the zombies too close to you because this can increase the chances of your death. Just focus on killing them from distance. This VR app is not completely free. You can enjoy the free trail of this virtual reality gaming application. But you can buy the full version in just $1.99. It is not a big amount for a VR gaming app like this because it brings a lot of fun and adventure. If you are looking for scariest apps for iPhone, Zombie Shooter VR is made for you.

VR Noir

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© VR Noir

VR Noir takes you into the world of challenging virtual reality environment. Where you are playing the role of Veronica Coltrane, who is a divorced mother and fighting with her ex-husband. She had to become a private detective to survive in life because police department dismissed her for good. Now your duty is play on the behalf of a divorced and disturbed detective. Before picking a new client, you have to choose your limits first. You have to see the case thoroughly and make sure that you can solve the case by making wise decisions. In VR Noir it is all about using your own intelligence in a right way. The cases can be complicated and full of puzzles but it’s your ability that matters in every case. This VR gaming app is not all about enjoying 360-degree virtual reality environment, in which you just enjoy roaming here and there and have fun. It is about solving cases. This VR gaming application makes you feel like you are in a movie and all the characters come and go to influence your decisions. It is an amazing VR app that fulfills the fantasy of many people, who want to be in virtual reality movies. VR Noir is created by Start VR. This app is free and available on iTunes. If you love mysterious VR games, this application is made for you. You can have a lot fun while solving cases in this game. You can change your decision anytime you want and can roam here and there to discover important things.

In Mind VR

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© In Mind VR

It is very creative VR app for iPhone users. It is one of the best virtual reality applications that allow you to play with the brain of other people. In Mind VR is created by Nival. In this game you play as a human and you have a mission to help depressive disorder patients. You get the chance to see what’s going on in the brain of those patients. Technically you control their brain and try to cure them by influencing their decision. You also have to attack their red neurons in order to protect them from the pressure of depressive disorder.  In this virtual reality gaming app you have to understand clues to make the right decision. It is not a boring technical game but it demands your attention. The game has amazing graphics and sound that make the VR gaming experience more rich and smooth. If you are fan of brain related virtual reality games, then this VR app is made for you. This game is first version of In Mind VR 2. This VR gaming application is absolutely free and you can install it on iTunes web store. You can also use this VR application on iPad. In Mind VR is marvelous invention of engineers. It is designed to make you smart and also helps you to understand complex process of brain. It is the best VR app for iPhone gamers.

Relax VR

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Relax VR

Relax VR is made for people, who need rest. Normally virtual reality world is very happening and fast and makes your brain tired. Fast games, roller coasters and adventurous scenes sometimes make you dizzy. But Relax VR does the opposite. It allows your brain to relax. It provides you soothing sounds, images and scenes in order to reduce your stress. If you are stressed and tired, then you need to use this mediation virtual reality application. It is very effective for stress relief. Relax VR changes your mode in no time and also helps to tame your anger. It is a very healthy VR app. It has nice collection of amusing music that sets your mood for relaxation. If you love to meditation and wants to take rest for few hours, this VR app is made for you. Unfortunately this amazing virtual reality application is not free but don’t worry the price of this app in not too much. You have to pay $1.99 for Relax VR. It is affordable and useful app for meditation and relaxation. It is good to have little relaxation session after tiring day of work. Compare to other relaxing apps, Relax VR is cheap and simple to use. Virtual reality is not limited to fancy imagination and insane gaming experiences. It is also about having fun and relaxation. Relax VR takes you into calm world of VR, where you can set and relax as long as you want.

USA Today VR Stories

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© USA Today VR Stories

This VR app is made for news junkies. It is also one of the best news VR applications for iPhone. If you are interested in watching news stories in 360-degree, then use USA Today VR Stories. It is not like watching a boring news channel in HD. This news app allows you to enjoy news stories that are sometimes shorter than 60 seconds and sometimes longer than 5 minutes. You can also download those news stories. You can also see some cool views of interesting places in 360-degree. You can stream the most trending news stories of the world with USA Today VR Stories. It is a great effort from USA Today to give people news stories in VR technology. You can also watch interesting short documentaries on this app. This VR app keeps you in touch with United States and brings you fresh news stories from USA and all over the world. USA Today VR Stories are not all about news sometimes. They also release interesting stories that are mostly hard to Ignore. The news content on USA Today VR is not limited to few clips. USA Today is very popular channel in America and their VR app is also very famous because they provide a lot of fresh and high quality news content. You can install this news app for free on Apple app store.

Star Chart VR

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Star Chart VR

It is very famous astronomy app. Star Chart VR is known as VR Planetarium. This astronomy VR application allows you to view the stars clearly and perfectly. You can also see the solar system of the world and also view any planet on the space with Star Chart VR. This unique VR app lets you explore the moon. You can clearly see the surface of the moon with this virtual reality application. This application doesn’t misguide you by showing the same things again and again. It also explains you everything that you see. It takes you to different planets and lets you explore all the interesting things. You can be on the moon in just few seconds with this virtual reality application. Star Chart VR is amazing invention to give common people a chance to see the beauty of the universe. It is very entertaining and educational VR app for iPhone. Unfortunately this VR app is not for fermiums. It is not free. You have to purchase this VR app for your iPhone. The cost of this app is $4.99, which is not too much for the VR application that takes you to the space. It is the best app for iPhone mobiles. With your VR headset, you can easily enjoy this app. Star Chart VR enables you to explore different galaxies of the universe. The reason behind its popularity is the interface. Engineers of Start Chart VR especially focused on user-friendly interface and designed this virtual reality masterpiece to facilitate iPhone users perfectly.

Orbulus Special Edition

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Orbulus Special Edition

Orbulus Speical Edition provides high quality VR content in 360-degree. Orbulus previous version is good but the new special edition is amazing. This VR app is designed to below your mind in no time. They have large collection of galleries. They also encourage their users to submit the most interesting and mind blowing images to share with audience of Orbulus. It is not complicated to use Orbulus. In order to choose the desired sphere from gallery, you just have to focus your eyes on it for a very short time and that set. Orbulus will automatically take you to your desired place. In order to zoom in and zoom out, you have to use your head. Don’t worry you don’t have to move your head like a crazy person. By tilting your head right and left, you can zoom in and zoom out easily. Orbulus allows you to visit numerous places and countries. The aim of virtual reality applications is to develop sense of satisfaction by turning imagination into reality and Orbulus does this spectacularly. It is the best application for iPhone people. If you love to see breathtaking pictures of nature, you need to install this virtual reality application in your iPhone. Orbulus special edition is available on iTunes. It is best application for smart phone VR viewers. This VR app is absolutely free.

VR Horror

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© VR Horror

This one is for gamers. VR Horror is virtual reality gaming application for smart phone VR Gamers. It is also the scariest app for iphone. VR Horror is horror game. It lets you enter into the world of horrific virtual reality world. You can witness scary sounds and breathtaking graphics in VR Horror. The purpose of this VR gaming application is to scare you. In this game you get lost in the ugly and scary town. In the town there are many terrifying places. Your job is to overcome the fear and try to protect yourself at the same time destroy your enemies. This VR game runs like a horror film and makes you feel little uncomfortable too. This VR game is not as difficult as other virtual reality horror games. Rich graphics have been used for this game to make the gaming experience more realistic. The main goal of this virtual reality game is to put you in a position where you can get scared easily. If you use headphones with your VR headsets, you will hear the most terrifying noises. This VR gaming app is free and you can install it from Apple app store. VR Horror is highly recommended for people looking for scariest apps for iPhone. VR Horror is by far the scariest application on iPhone app store. It is fun to play VR Horror game. If you want to get high quality horror experience with your iPhone and VR device, VR Horror is just made for you.

Roman from Mars 360

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Roman From mars 360

It is one of the best iPhone VR Apps. Roman from Mars gives you authoritative position that also brings great responsibilities. It is your first job to defeat your powerful and crafty enemies in order to protect your castle. You stand on the top of the castle but it is not a save position. The top position of the castle is the main target of army of Martians. Your crossbow is the only life saver for you. Crossbow is used to fire arrows and it is also the best weapon to finish your enemy. You also get some extra powers including, lighting, fire and ice. As the game enhances you get more weapons. You get a nice collection of sorts to defend your land. Original cartoon graphics are used to make this game more fun. Roman from Mars gives you extremely pleasing gaming experience. This VR game is little demanding and doesn’t allow you to take a breath because army of Martians doesn’t want you to relax. They keep attacking you and it is your duty to attack them back in order to win the battle. The VR Game is best for all type of age groups. If you have iPhone XS and iPhone X, you can easily install this VR gaming app. Use the VR headphones to get the full experience of battle. Roman from Mars is free and you don’t have to spend a penny to get this application. All you have to do is go to iTunes web store and install this amazing application to have lots of fun. Roman from Mars 360 is designed by Majesco Entertainment.

InCell VR

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© InCell VR

InCell VR is the best VR app for iPhone and android users. It is an amazing virtual reality gaming application for iPhoneXS, iPhoneX, HTC Vive and other android tablets and devices. It gives you a rich gaming experience like a PC game. In this VR game your mission is to protect a human body. InCell lets you enter in human body cells. You have to move your head to collect objects. It is a very thrilling game that allows you travel in human body. Every movement you make in this VR game can be effective or useless for human body. Make sure to pay great attention to this game in order to win. InCell VR is confusing but entertaining game. It is free and you can download it from iPhone web store. This VR game is very popular in iPhone users and other android users. When it comes to best gaming iPhone apps, InCell VR always comes first in the mind because it provides unlimited fun and high quality gaming experience to users. The game has colorful graphics and bold music that play vital role in increasing fun, when you play this game. InCell VR is compatible with all kinds of iPhone devices. It doesn’t matter if you are using iPhone X or iPhone XS, this virtual reality gaming application run on all iPhone and android devices. InCell VR is a good VR app for passing time and killing boredom.

Haunted Rooms: Escape

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Haunted Rooms: Escape

Haunted Rooms: Escape is one of the scariest apps for iPhone and android mobiles. It offers high quality graphics and sounds that make your gaming experience amazing. The purpose of this game is to escape from haunted rooms. It allows you to visit haunted houses. It is not only a horror game. It is also a brain game. You need to solve the different puzzles and have to explore objects in order to escape from the haunted rooms. The haunted rooms are designed to confuse you and scare you. In order to solve riddles you need to use your intelligence carefully otherwise you won’t be able to escape. It is the best iOS game for iPhone gamers. In order to get the full VR gaming experience you need to use headphones because the game is little louder than other VR horror games. It is absolutely free VR gaming application but with ads. Ads can be little irritating but you can easily dismiss them and continue your game. iOS apps and games are known for best graphics. This VR game has best graphics. It takes you to the unknown land of haunted houses, where survival is in solving riddles. Haunted Rooms is one of the most popular gaming applications on the Apple app store. If you are looking for best horror games for iPhone, Haunted rooms: Escape is made for you.

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

25 Best VR Apps For iPhone
© Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

It is the best VR game for iOS and VR gamers. This game allows you to enter in the world of deep forests and caverns. In this VR game you just need to use your head actually you just need to move your head in order to make your way to the final destination for victory. In your journey you also get some honeybees that also join you and guide you in the way. You also face dangerous enemies that can kill you and your friends. Therefore, make sure to collect all the important coins and use your powers carefully. Don’t waste your bonuses on other things and focus on completing the missions. The price of Lamper VR is free. You don’t have to purchase this app. You just need to install this VR app in your iPhone from Apple app store. This game has high quality graphics that can below your mind. It is fun to fly with the fireflies. It makes you feel like you are a firefly and working hard to survive. It is an incredible virtual reality game that also highlights the tough life of Fireflies. For regular VR gamers this application is not surprising but for casual VR gamers this game is like a sweet dream. In the world of virtual reality you can be anything but very few VR games allows you to be a bee. Firefly Rescue is fun game for iOS users and android users. This game brings you the virtual world of fireflies and takes you to the long journey that is filled with turns and twists.


If you are looking for best VR apps for iPhone, android and other latest mobile phones, try these VR apps. These VR apps are also suitable for kids, adults and for crazy gamers. Some of these apps are also good for educational purposes. When it comes to Google VR apps, Google Street View and YouTube VR are the best ones. If you are looking for Samsung VR apps instead of iPhone VR apps, then don’t worry some of these virtual reality apps are also compatible with Samsung technology. If you are looking for best free VR apps, you don’t need to go anywhere just check above mentioned free VR apps.


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