8 Reason Why you Should Prefer Vaping Over Smoking

8 Reason Why you Should Prefer Vaping Over Smoking

8 Reason Why you Should Prefer Vaping Over Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health and we all know that all the health departments have proved that and the diseases caused by smoking are spreading everywhere rapidly. Quitting smoking is not easy task but not impossible.

If you are in love with smoking and can’t leave it this habit then try out vaping. According to a study long term vaping is safer than smoking (1).

Vaping is inhalation and exhalation of water vapor through electronic cigarettes, which are also called vaporizers (2). But it is a fact that vaping is way much better than smoking.

Here are the 7 reasons that make vaping a better choice than smoking.

Reduce the risk of early death

The idea way to reduce the risk of early death is to stop smoking. But if you can’t do this, switch to vaping. It will help you to live longer than traditional smokers. According to latest study, shifting from smoking to vaping extended lifespan of smokers (3).

No more bad smell

The smell of tobacco sticks to your body, clothes and even to the objects near you because of smoking. Smoking gives you bad breath and bad smell. When people around you make faces and close their nose you feel terrible because smoking cause this. But in vaping there is no bad smell and bad breath at all.

Less chemicals

Cigarettes contain chemicals like methanol, nicotine, arsenic, butane and have tar that causes cancer. On the other hand vaping is based on inhalation of few chemicals.   Electronic cigarettes are saver than smoking tobacco and many health experts have confirmed this.

Affordable and cheaper

Vaping is affordable and cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. It can be more cheap if you use your own coil and e-liquid. However on the other side tobacco cigarettes prices are always on the rise. Tobacco industry is on the fire all the time because people can’t quit smoking but the vaping is the best and cheap alternative solution for smokers.

Harmless to the environment

Vaping is harmless to the people around you unlike smoking which not only damages your health but also affects on your family and friends. The research has shown that passive cigarette smoking causes 600,000 deaths across the globe every year. Vaping doesn’t leave any extreme harmful affect on anyone around you.

Choice of nicotine strength

Vaping comes with different choices of nicotine strength. It starts from 0 mag to 24 mag. Non-smoker can go with 0 mag. Few cigarettes a day can reach to 3 to 6 mag. It depends on the usage. The people who are addicted to smoking can try vaping with 24 mag content level. Only vaping gives the choice of this variation but in smoking it is impossible.  

Variety of flavors

Vaping has variety of flavors like creamy tobacco, fruity etc. while smoking is limited to few popular flavors but vaping gives you more choices in flavors. According to Vape Club International new trends are coming in many new vaping brands. Which are promising enough to change the entire industry.

Best Alternative to quit smoking

Vaping is the best alternative to quit smoking. The large population of smokers have shifted to vaping and helping them to quit it completely. The varied nicotine strength the market helps users to bring down the nicotine intake level to zero. Quitting smoking and shifting to vaping can lead to quit smoking habits entirely.  

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