Fortnite Launches New Christmas Skins
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Sylvia Dziedzic

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Sylvia Dziedzic
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Now you can celebrate Christmas with Fortnite. Fortnite players are using funny Christmas skins to shock their competitors. They come out of nowhere and give their rivals unexpected surprises. It is hilarious to watch Fortnite players in Christmas skins.

Fortnite developers purposely added snowball fights and candy canes to please the gamers in Christmas season. Now the chaotic world of Fortnite is filled with Christmas spirit. Some new Fortnite skins have leaked but Epic Games is completely okay with it.

Players are using Fortnite holiday costumes to cheat their competitors. They are using Fortnite skins to look harmless in front of their enemies.

Retail Row has been redesigned and decorated for Christmas. Players can see Christmas presents scattered on the floors. Newly designed festive lights are looking amazing in the night. Walls have been decorated with candy canes.

Fortnite players are appreciating the new Christmas look of the game.

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