Ninja Criticizes Funk after facing Fortnite Stream Snipers
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Tyler known as ‘Ninja’ openly shared his thoughts on Trevor ‘Funk’ Siegler’s gaming style. Popular Mixer star had to face Fortnite stream-sniping squad alone without any help from his squad and he didn’t like it.

Ninja was playing with his partners Malachi aka ‘Reverse2k’ Greiner, Funk, and FaZe Ewok. Ninja got into trouble when he had to face a group of stream snipers. No one was there to help Ninja to combat those snipers.

Ninja thought he had backup. Therefore he went to attack his opponents but his team mates didn’t show up to help him. In fact they didn’t follow him. Ninja single handedly fought with the snipers but failed to survive.

The snipers removed Ninja from Game in no time. The Mixer got extremely upset and criticized his team mates. In particular, Ninja blamed Funk him for “moving too far off ahead” when he was still “200 meters behind.”

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