How to be a good vlogger

How to be a good vlogger

How to be a good vlogger

Vlogging is on the rise these days. Many professional You tubers, who invest a lot of time in high video production and scripting to make most viewed videos are turning into making exciting and entertaining vlogs. It is very simple to video tape everything from your daily life and upload it on the internet. Daily vlogs actually build a large audience on daily basis. Once people like your vlogs they love to subscribe and watch your videos every day.

You tube prankster turned vlogger Roman At wood post daily videos and his channel have more that 12 million subscribers. Another famous you tube star is Jake Paul. Who has a company named Team 10. Which is based on his crazy friends including twins entertainers and Youtubers . They work as a team to make their vlogs exciting and entertaining .Teens and young adults love his videos.

Amanda Cerny, King Bach and Mark Dohner are also famous vloggers who get high views on the Youtube. What takes to be a good vlogger, a camera, funny personality and art of describing things effectively.

You have to be punctual and energetic. You must have to do something exciting or anything that people love to watch. People who have very social and happening life can be successful vloggers. You have to be an entertainer to be a vlogger.

Here are some tips to be a good vlogger

Select something you are interested in

In order to be good vlogger you have to select your niche. It can be simply related to your profession. If you are a fashion designer then definitely you want to vlog about fashion. If you are a real estate agent you will vlog about luxury homes. If you are an entertainer you will vlog about doing pranks or dares. The topic of your vlog should be related to your personal lifestyle and interest.

Create attractive Youtube channel name

You have to create an attractive and compelling Youtube channel name and select related channels according to your niche. The beginning process is little tough because it is not easy to get views in early days. But you have to be patience and put some hard work to engage large audience on your Youtube channel.

Never Skip a single day

This is the first rule of vlogging you should not skip a single day. Create one or two really good and exciting videos and upload on daily basis. If you want to see big results then you have to create awesome videos. Some people have great humor and funny personality if you have that quality than use it in your vlogs. Crazy experiments and pranks are the best to attract Youtube viewers.

Post something related to others  

Post any kind of response video or something related to other famous vloggers. You tube algorithm will automatically show your videos when someone search for that specific video. The video doesn’t have to be insulting it can be a funny criticism or anything like healthy suggestions or joke.

Learn editing

Editing is very important in video making. Mega film production houses have very strong editing team but you don’t have to be that professional use simple tools like window movie maker, adobe and iphone movie maker  to edit your videos. Learn editing from Youtube tutorials and from your friends.

Create awesome thumbnails

Thumbnails are the main element to grab attention of viewers. Most of the vloggers are successful in making solid click bait that makes Youtube viewers to click. Simply make the thumbnail irresistible. If you are an official you tube partner than you tube will allow you to use your own banner and custom video thumbnails.

Try to become a Youtube partner

You tube allows you to make money once your video reached to at least 10 thousands views. 10k views are the ultimate goal to inter in the world of Youtube advertising. Ad sense will pay you more money according to your views. You tube gladly wants to become your partner if you reached to millions of viewers.

Responds to the subscribers

Give response to your audience try to communicate with them and make mutual connection. Your You tube viewers are your fans and they seek your attention. They love to criticize you and give you suggestion. Accept their opinions in a healthy way and improve yourself.

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