Internet Celebrity Cat Lil Bub is no More
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The internet sensation Lil Bub is no more. The famous Internet celebrity cat is dead. The owner, Mike Bridavsky, announced the sad news of her death on social media. Bridavsky broke this sad news on FaceBook and enforced people to support animal welfare and research organizations for special pets like Lil Bub. According to Mike Lil Bub left the world very calmly in her sleep. She was 8-year old.

Lil Bub was genetically superior. She had unique features. Lil Bub was famous for her beautiful toothless jaw and adorable tongue. She was strong part of a genetic research campaign that researches on gene mutations. Lil Bub raised more than $700,000 for animals with the help of ASPCA.

She was one of the most famous internet cats. Lil Bub grabbed the attention of people back in 2010. She was a viral celebrity pet. Lil Bub also attracted many media companies. Vice Media produced a documentary on her.

Lil Bub & Friendz is very interesting documentary that tells a lot about Lil Bub.

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