Machine Learning Algorithm To Reveal Which 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Will Die in Future

If you are a diehard fan of Game of Thrones, you are probably wondering, which character will die in the future? Well a machine learning algorithm can answer your question. Game of Thrones fans don’t know, what will happen to their favorite characters in season 6 because the war is all set to come in next episodes.

You maybe wondering what happened to Jon Snow, who is out in the cold with nothing. In order to know that you need to visit a site that uses a machine learning algorithm to predict the life of Game of Thrones characters.

The algorithm was created as part of a unique project named “A Song of Ice and Data.” It is developed by students, who participated in a JavaScript Course at the Technical University of Munich. The bright students used information from A Wiki of Ice and Fire to develop the algorithm.  A Wiki of Ice and Fire has information from George R.R. Martin’s books as well as the series. In order to predict the accurate information student used the previous data too.

The incredible “Song of Ice and Data” algorithm uses two-dozen features including age, gender, and relationship status in order to predict the percentage of death and life of characters.

How accurate this algorithm is? Well only next episodes of Game of Thrones can answer this accurately.

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