Reddit Introduces Live-Streaming Test For Five Days

Reddit is updating its business. The social platform is testing out something special and very unexpected. It seems the platform is looking to compete with Twitch and YouTube in the field of live-streaming. The company recently  announced its broadcasting tool with the name “Reddit Public Access Network.” The software will allow eligible users to stream on new subreddit called r/pan. It seems promising and appealing.

This software will allow users to tune into broadcasts directly from the subreddit. Only top streams will be appeared on Reddit’s front page during the testing period. According to a blog post published on Reddit the Users will be able to vote on their favorite stream, just like Reddit’s upvote system. The most voted streams will appear on the homepage.

But be clear about one thing that not everyone will be able to stream. According to additional policies the company is “incredibly judicious with the rollout of RPAN.” There are strict rules including, no pornography, illegal and dangerous behavior. The borderline behavior is also strictly prohibited.

Reddit live stream update can bring a lot of change on the platform. Mostly people upvote and openly start conversation on Reddit about anything but live streams can bring a lot of confusion and plus it also changes the nature of Reddit.

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