Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds In The World

Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds In The World

Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds In The World

Cute pets like cats and dogs have been associated with the human for a long time. Everyone loves cute cats because they are so nice and comfy. Cats let you snuggle with you and sometimes lick your face. If you don’t have a cat in your house, your house is not cool enough. There are many bizarre cat breeds in this world.

Cats are globally famous because they are cute and very adjustable. Pets like cats and dogs are easy to keep because they don’t demand too much attention. Cats are normally small and fluffy. They have sharp eyes and wide mouth.

But some cat breeds are very different when it comes to shape, color and size. There are various bizarre cat breeds with unique structure. It is always amazing to see cats with unique body. Fat cats are mostly considered lazy but it is wrong perception. Some fat cats are faster than dogs.

Here are the top 10 most bizarre cat breeds in the world


The Sphynx are Canadian Hairless cats that are famous because of their weird body. These cats are born without fur. This cat look weird but at the same time unique. It has naked looking skin with numerous wrinkles. You may don’t like the way this cat looks but she is highly intelligent and loving.


It is mini cute cat and also known as the most bizarre cat breeds in the world. People call this cat breed “dwarf breeds”. This cat breed was found in 1998. It is small cat with beautiful body. Minskin cats can be good pets because they are adjustable. You can take them anywhere you want.


Munchkins are hairy cats with short legs. This cat breed has unique body shape and size. Munchkins have long body, walnut-shaped eyes and triangular ears. It is a social cat with friendly nature. Munchkin cats are intelligent and loving. These cats enjoy the company of people and don’t like to play alone. Normally these cats come with the long hairs but you can cut their hairs if you want to, they don’t mind it.

Persian Cat

Persian cats come with large and medium size. They have face like a bulldog with angry expression. Persian cats have small tales and ears. These cats are mostly found in Iran that’s why they are called Persian cats. This cat breed is not very popular and hardly few countries have them. These cats are found in large number in North America.

Ukrainian Levkoy

This cat looks like a mini dog. This cat has a dog face, inward-folding ears and no hair. This cat looks like Sphynx. It has medium size body. This cat has very soft and elastic skin. This breed was discovered in 2004. They are result of out-breeding hairless Donskoy females with Scottish Fold metis males.

Japanese Bobtails

The Japanese Bobtails are one of the most bizarre cat breeds in Japan and in Asia. These cats have rabbit-like puff tail. Their lower body is similar to rabbit’s body. This cat breed is extremely popular in Japan. This cat is slim and short in size. Japanese Bobtails have four inches short tail and looks very beautiful.

American Curl

It is pretty much similar to normal looking cat but her ears curl back from the face toward the center of the back of the skull. This cat has large ears and long heavy tail. The unique thing about American curl is her ears. Sometimes her ears curl back and sometime they don’t. It happens for four months. This cat is considered the most bizarre cat in the world. This breed is frequently found in America and Japan.

Khao Manee

It is a beautiful cat with different eye colors. This cat has eyes like jewel. Khao Manee has pure white color and high cheekbones. These cats are adorable when it comes to appearance. This breed is not available easily because these cats don’t exist in large quantity. Khao Manee has very soft and smooth hairy skin. They are active and intelligent cats and have gold and blue eyes. They come with different sizes.

Scottish Fold

This cat has an owlish look. This weird breed doesn’t have long ears. These cats have extremely short ears.  That’s why they are called by the name of Scottish Fold. The medium size body with large round eyes make these cats very good looking. They are mostly social and cuddling cats.


Snowshoe is the most weird cat breeds in the world. This breed was discovered in America in 1960. These cats are normally super friendly, caring and loving. They don’t mind the company of other pets. These cats are extremely loyal to her owners and express their love by cuddling them. Snowshoe is fun cat that likes to play games.

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