Top 10 Weird Jobs That Pay Well With Less Effort

Top 10 Weird Jobs That Pay Well With Less Effort

Top 10 Weird Jobs That Pay Well With Less Effort

The modern world is full of weird things. Today people have to do a lot of weird jobs to make money. It is not easy to make money nowadays and people have to do many tough jobs to make their bread and butter. There are a number of tough jobs that people do to make money but some jobs are extremely interesting and easy that can make you wonder why you are doing your job?

Some jobs are nothing more than fun and only little effort is require to do them perfectly. The world is filled with weird jobs and most of them are not easy but some are dead simple and super fun to do. These simple and weird jobs are not only fun to do but also pay well.

These weird jobs are so cool to blow your mind. If you are sick entire of your boring job, you should apply for weird jobs mentioned below to make your life easy and excited.

Top 10 weird jobs that pay well with less effort

Professional Snuggle Buddies

If you are friendly and social person, this job is perfect for you. You may don’t believe but this job is actually very popular in Japan. In Japan there are many job openings for professional snugglers. You don’t need a degree for this but you need to be trained to become professional snugglers. All you have to do is to relax and make people happy. In Japan professional snuggle buddies charge 60$ per hour.

Live Mannequin

Well this job is not as easy as previous one. It is little demanding job. You have to stay still for a long time in order to do this weird job. You have to model for brands in the mall like real dummies. Live mannequins make 100$ per hour which is not a bad deal if you have full control on your body. If you can stay still without having any physical irritation this job is perfect for you.

Paper Towel Sniffer

It is not easy to find a job of paper tower sniffer. This job is super fun and easy and pays around 1000$ for a week. There are always limited jobs available for paper towel sniffers. In this job you have to smell the paper towels to check the smell. In order to do that job you should have strong smelling sense to judge the different smells.

Personal Shopper

This one is not easy but very common in all countries. Big celebrities and famous people always have their personal shoppers to shop for them. Some busy people from business world also hire personal shoppers because they have no time to shop for themselves. As a personal shopper you have to face a lot challenges like understanding the taste of your clients and building relationships with sellers. Personal shoppers normally make 60$ per hour.

Ice cream Tester

In order to do this job you need to be mad about ice cream. Ice cream is always fun to eat and everyone loves it. Just imagine how cool it is to taste various yummy flavors of ice cream. But to get this job you have to be professional food scientist. Food scientists not only taste ice cream but also play vital role in making it better. They also help to invent new flavors. Food scientists almost make 100K per year.

Dog Food tester

There is no better way to judge the test of dog food by human tongue. Big dog food companies hire people to taste dog food to improve their standard which is obvious practice because a dog cannot tell how he feels about his food. Professional dog food testers make 30K to 40K per month.

Line Sitters

This is a weird job in which you have to wait in the long line on the behalf of someone else. If you love to wait and have no problem standing in the long line of people, this job is ideal for you. Mostly people are busy and have no time to stand in the line to buy a new phone, food, goods etc. They need someone to stand on their behalf to save time. Normally people pay 20$ dollars to line sitters. This job is common in big cities.

Waterslide Tester

It is fun but technical job. A waterside tester has to test all the waterslides to make sure that everything is all right. He makes sure that slides are safe and comfortable for people. Waterslide companies pay high amount of money to waterslide testers. They make almost 20,000 from this fun and entertaining job.

Golf Ball Diver

It is little difficult but fun job. Golf ball driver has to dive in the water to pick the ball. It is challenging task to find the ball in the water. Mostly golf balls get lost and it is tiring job to find the lost balls but if you are physically active this job is fun for you. All you have to do is collecting the balls from water, put them in a bag and give back to the golf club. Golf ball divers make 50K$ to 70K$ in a year.

Face Feeler

It is weird but fun job. Face feelers are sensory scientists who have matchless skills to feel faces. Face feelers have to test faces of people by touching them to know about what product they are using on their faces. It is technical job and you need to learn this first from skin specialists. Face feelers charge 20$ to 25$ per hour.

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